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Fresh Android Apps for July 19: DealNews, Psychoban, Lane Splitter

by Ian Black

The bargain trend continues in today’s fresh Android apps with the new DealNews app. Try out the free app before your next online purchase.

The two new games showcased today each have an element of insanity to them. Psychoban lets you break out of an asylum and Lane Splitter allows you to get crazy on the road.

DealNews App (Free)

Need some good news? How about a great shopping deal? DealNews delivers over 100 new deals daily from more than 2,000 online merchants. Search through the deals by keyword, merchant name, product name, or category. Save deals that you want to consider or share with friends, families, and colleagues using Facebook, Twitter, or email.

You can complete online purchases right through the app or use the “clipping” feature to show a coupon to a checkout clerk in a physical store.

Psychoban (Free)

Sokoban is the game category where you push boxes around strategically to make your way through a maze. This game adds a little twist of crazy.

You play Mental “Jay” Dude trapped by evil brain surgeon Dr. Brainchild. Straitjacketed and barefoot, Jay must make his way out through a series of maze-like rooms with crates. The graphics are great, the puzzles intense, and the comedy dark.

What are you waiting for?

Lane Splitter (Free)

I call this game category, Darwin. Games that fit into this category let you act out real-life scenarios, that you may have considered doing but would likely have killed you, in the safety of your phone or tablet.

In Lane Splitter, you drive a high-powered motorcycle down a multi-lane highway during rush hour. Score points for every car or truck you pass. Weave left and right by tilting your phone and speed up by touching and holding the screen. Watch out for vehicles changing lanes or stopping suddenly.

Can you reach maximum speed before becoming a stain on the pavement?

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