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Winnie the Pooh, NASA top Android Apps of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

A little bit of Disney magic comes to Android users this week with the launch of Winnie the Pooh, the app. This interactive book is Disney’s first Android app, with multiple languages, music and animations. NASA also explores Android with its first Market app launch, delivering news of all the agency’s projects.

Winnie the Pooh $2.99

Just in time for the feature film release, Winnie the Pooh finds another place to play in the Android Market. The app is an interactive children’s book called “What’s a Bear to Do.” It’s narrated in five different languages, and has music, animations and puzzles to keep the kids enthralled. Kids and parents can even turn off the narration and record their own voice, reading along with the book at their own pace. The book comes with all the delight you’d expect from a Disney product, as this transitive studio finds new ways to leverage today’s mobile technology.

NASA App (free)

The Android Market is just a new frontier to explore, and NASA’s taking up the challenge. This official, educational app brings you a wide collection of images, videos, mission information and news, including live-streaming content from NASA TV. There is a countdown clocks for launches, a satellite tracker and videos on-demand. You can stay up to date with all of NASA’s publicly shared information, with Twitter and Facebook integration of the agency’s feeds. If you’re a space geek who likes to spend all day in the Air & Space museum, this app is a welcome reprieve.

Google Shopper (free)

Google Shopper’s been updated for local deals, with a new dashboard that centralizes your Offers. Google’s out to make this a central research and shopping tool, incorporating coupons alongside its product reviews and localized search. This is also a marketng tool for local businesses, and Google wants to be an integral part of the purchasing process. You’ll be able to save deals for later as well as view venues where you can redeem Google Offers on the go. Google promises Google Wallet integration in the near future, adding even more functions to this once sparse search app.

Localicious (free)

The WhitePages is also helping you drill down your local surroundings, with a new mobile app that hit the Android Market first. This local search tool is focused on neighborhood searches, helping you contextualize your results. Localicious auto-detects what neighborhood you’re in, showing popular venues nearby. You’ll also receive real-time tips and alerts for local affairs, and you can also pre check-in with Foursquare. This is the second app the WhitePages initiated in the Android Market, after a Caller ID app launch late last year. They found that marketing is easier to plan with Android’s app approval process, with COO Kevin Nakao noting the importance of visibility given the number of apps being published.

Ustream (free)

This popular video-streaming app is now updated for Android Honeycomb, making the smart move to optimize for tablets. With more screen real estate, Ustream lets you view clips, with direct access to related content. Watch live and archived videos, view upcoming programs on a calendar, and broadcast video live from your tablet. Ustream is one of the few video-related apps that’s taken the leap to Android tablets, pioneering new territory in the mobile expanse. There are other brave apps joining the bandwagon, though, as IMdb and Evernote both updated their Android apps for tablet support this week.

myPantone $7.99

As a design geek, I’m always on the lookout for cool art and funky furniture. The first thing you think about before bringing something home, though, is your color scheme. As more designers and artists go digital with their work and note-taking, digitally enhanced color tools are finding their niche in the mobile world. The new Pantone app gives you their entire color scheme on demand, with Portable Color Memory, color matching, formula guides and specialized paint tones (from meatllics to coated). Import from your mobile camera, generate color schemes and cross reference from the Pantone’s standard-setting libraries.

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