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Fresh Android Apps for July 14: Zaarly, Pull Ups, Supermarket Mania

by Ian Black

Two of today’s fresh Android apps are about commerce. Zaarly aims to outdo Craigslist at local transactions and Supermarket Mania is a game that provides a peek behind the scenes of a grocery store.

To work out your stress from all that wheeling and dealing, try the Pull Ups app.

Zaarly (Free)

Want to buy and sell stuff but not ready for global scale? Zaarly focuses in on local transactions within a regional community.

Post your Zaarly – either something you want and how much you’ll pay or something for sale and how much it costs – and then wait for the responses. The service handles secure credit card transactions so you can buy and sell without any cash. You can sell things or services and post items for up to a week.

This popular service already has an iPhone app but has just arrived fresh on Android.

Pull Ups (Free)

Sure this app may sound simple – but people seem to love it.

Tell the app your pull up goal – how many consecutive pull ups you’d like to be able to perform in one session and it designs a daily program for you to follow. After each try, you input how many you did and whether it was easy, medium, or hard and the app adjusts the next day’s routine to keep you exercising without forcing you give up from exhaustion.

The developers also have a Push Up app and the requests are already in asking for that app and this one to be combined.

Supermarket Mania (Free)

You know the drill. This time you’re running a grocery store – actually, five of them at once if you can manage your time effectively.

There is a bunch of merchandise to sell – over a dozen products – and all types of customers, from easy and fast, to demanding and time-consuming. In story mode, you can play through 50 different levels or just choose "endless" to pass the time while waiting in line at a real grocery store.

Of course, this type of game is really about accessorizing, and you have over 20 things you can purchase to upgrade your stores and make your friends jealous.