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Fresh Android Apps for July 11: NASA App, Firefox Beta, Inotia3: Children of Carnia

by Ian Black

The last Space Shuttle mission is in progress right now. Don’t miss out on this passing era of space science and exploration. Learn as much as you can about the mission and history by downloading the free NASA App mentioned below.

You can also try out the latest Firefox Beta browser from Mozilla or check out the adventure game Inotia3.

NASA App (Free)

Yes, the Space Shuttle missions are coming to a close but NASA’s work continues on. This new official Android app delivers news and information about all the agency’s projects.

Browse thousands of images from, NASA IOTD (Image of the Day), and NASA APOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day). View live video feeds from NASA TV, check the calendar for opportunities to see the International Space Station over head, or find maps and links to all NASA centers.

The app also leverages social media – you can see Twitter feeds from all NASA groups or use Facebook Connect or Twitter to share your finds with others.

Firefox 6.0 Beta (Free)

Want to get in on the cutting edge of mobile web browsers? You can download the current version of Firefox from the Android Market or you can get a sneak peek at the upcoming 6.0 Beta.

The latest work-in-progress features include a first-run introduction in side panels off of the main browser window, higher quality image scaling, faster zoom, UI improvements for large screen tablets, a visual refresh for Gingerbread-based Android devices, better performance, improved memory management, and more.

A feedback button lets you tell Mozilla what you think.

Inotia3: Children of Carnia (Free)

This app marks another in the list of 2D role-playing games like Legends of Zelda or more recently Zenonia. You have the ability to forge your own character from classes of characters such as Shadow Hunters, Priests, Arc Mage and others. As you play, you’ll developed both active and passive skills, gather treasures, and meet new people that will make up your battle “party”.

The battle parties become the most significant part of the game because you can switch between characters in your party during any scene or fight and control that individual.

The game supports English and French. Bigger screens might work best for this adventure.

Download the free Appolicious Android app