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Fresh Android Apps for July 7: Google Maps update, Cut the Rope, BackStab HD

by Ian Black

Why are you reading this? I told you to go outside and play earlier in the week!

But since you’re here, please do check out the latest way to protect the world from global warming (Google Maps update), useful tips on the care and feeding of aliens in boxes (Cut the Rope), and learn why revenge is a dish best served with a tropical drink (BackStab HD).

Google Maps update (Free)

The version 5.7 update to Google Maps adds the significant ability to navigate using public transit (Beta) in over 400 major cities of the world.

Enter your starting point and destinations as always then touch the bus icon (instead of, say, the car icon for driving directions). The app tells you where to get on public transit and most helpfully when to get off or transfer.

Multitask to other apps while traveling and Maps uses the notification bar at the top of your screen to display useful messages like “Get off at the next stop.” Because the navigation uses GPS, Google says the public transit navigation works best in above-ground public transit systems rather than subways.

Cut the Rope ($1.00)

Cut the Rope tied up the iTunes top games lists for weeks but took a long time to reach the Android Market. So much time that several clones arrived first. Still, it’s hard to beat an original and the first, and perhaps best, rope-alien-puzzle game is here at last.

If you don’t know how to play, download the app and hand your Android to any 7-year-old nearby. You’ll quickly learn all the tricks but good luck getting your phone back.

Early reviews say it was worth the wait and that it’s fun to, as the game’s slogan now reads, “think inside the box.”

BackStab HD ($6.99)

Losing your marbles isn’t just a modern affliction. Henry Blake, a former proud officer in England’s old Royal Navy, has lost everything – his career, his fiancée, and even his freedom – but none of it was his fault. His fate comes from betrayal. So, he figures the best way forward is, naturally, a murderous rampage.

Guide Henry through a challenging break into a military fort on a Caribbean island from years past. Battle your way past soldiers armed with swords and muskets. Maim and kill your way into the fort’s inner sanctum to find the target of Henry’s revenge.

Killer HD graphics will keep you focused.

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