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Google+ tops Android Apps of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

Google is percolating something new, feeding us bit-by-bit the details of its latest social coup. The search engine is testing the waters of today’s social web culture, launching Google+ in private beta. The project comes with an Android app, syncing photos and other content with your socially-enhanced Google profile. Google+’s biggest adversary, Facebook, has updated its Android app too, finally adding video uploads.

Google+ (Free)

In Google’s latest attempt at socializing its search engine, the company’s revealing slices of its strategy, the latest being Google+. This new profile aggregates your social activity, centralizing the management of your personal, social cloud. With an accompanying Android app, you can upload and sync photos to private or public clouds, share your location, interact with groups called Circles, and group message with private groups called Huddles. The idea is to manage your stream of content only with the folks you select.

Facebook for Android (Free)

Facebook’s added a significant update to its Android app, letting you upload video directly from the device’s camera app. It’s a tad late for such a feature update, considering how integral content sharing is amongst Android apps. Video upload has been an option for iPhone users for a while, and it’s partially due to the difference between iOS and Android. Facebook’s latest version 1.6 works best on Android 2.2 Froyo devices, a reflection of the app’s closer integration with newer Android OS versions. Other upgrades include Facebook Pages access through feeds, which have been opened up to support more types of posts.

Dolphin Browser HD (Free)

With the magazine craze in full swing on mobile devices, Dolphin Browser HD takes an opportunity to beautify the web. One of the notable new features is called Webzine, allowing you to fill your home page with media icons for all the topics and websites you want to follow. Click on an icon and you’ll get a streamlined view of the site’s contents, with oriented headlines, images and smidgens of text. Ads are stripped down in an effort to class-up the minimal real estate a mobile device offers, though such abbreviated excerpts are no match for dedicated webzine apps.

YouMail Visual Voicemail Plus (Free)

Communication is going to the cloud, and YouMail is making it easier to access. The latest version of its Android Visual Voicemail Plus app makes it simpler to search and add custom greetings for specified dialers or entire groups. A number search has been incorporated into the app as well, giving you additional information on a caller. A new magnifying glass icon appears during voicemail playback, querying the caller’s phone number, city and state. There’s even an option to view a caller’s location on a map. YouMail demonstrates the high level of customization you can apply to your automated communication tools, but also acts as a centralized management tool as well.

Mozy (Free)

Mozy is expanding its consumer back-up solution to include business users, taking another step into the enterprise. Similar to the existing MozyHome app for consumers, today’s release gives Pro business users a mobile version as well. From here, MozyPro administrators can provide access to their end users, managing the mobile access of documents and sharing with clients and colleagues. With a distinct security slant, Mozy’s really about the protected sharing of files, and this is a key component for business users sharing sensitive documents.

Noom Weight Loss (Free)

Noom Weight Loss is part of a growing brood of health apps, personalized to help you achieve your goals. This Android app does so through exercise tracking, food logs and motivation perks, all set around a custom weight loss plan for documenting your progress. Noom sends exercise reminders, charts your walking and yoga routines, and lets you share the entire process with friends via Facebook and Twitter. With support for uploading meal photos, home screen widgets for quick entries and visual charts, Noom Weight Loss aims to be a low-maintenance app, so as not to deter you from tracking or the exercising itself.

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