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TouchRetouch Android app offers an easy way to improve your photos

by Caitlin M. Foyt

An otherwise beautiful family photo looks so odd with that startled-looking stranger in the background. Making him disappear isn't so complicated or involved with TouchRetouch, an easy-to-use photo-editing app for your Android phone.

Photoshop is looked upon as a classic favorite photo-editing program, but it's pretty expensive and isn't really accessible to the casual photographer. It also doesn't do you a whole lot of good if you haven't either read an Adobe manual or already spent a lot of time with the program.

This is where TouchRetouch comes in. The app takes unwanted people and objects out of your photo to make your otherwise great pictures usable and aesthetically pleasing.

To take the telephone pole out of the back of your mom's head or crop out that guy you used to date, just highlight what you want to go away. There's also a small, precise eraser tool you can use to ensure accuracy, and an “Undo” button for when you make a mistake. When you're done selecting the unwanted area, the app will replace the background.

There's no guarantee that the app’s edits will meet your expectations with every single photo (sometimes, with little other background to work from, the photo just ends up looking a bit weird), but TouchRetouch does a pretty great job. If you've ever tried to retouch the background on a photo in Photoshop, you know how tedious the process can be. This is a welcome alternative.

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