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Fresh Android Apps for June 27: Talking Panda Free, Elf City, Third Eye

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Have a conversation with Talking Panda Free, build an enchanted Elf City on a planet far away or choose your side in the ongoing fight between good and evil in Third Eye.

Talking Panda Free (Free)

As long as there are smartphones, there will surely be talking, on-screen characters to either make us laugh and roll our eyes. Joining the likes of Talking Santa Free, Talking Tom Cat and Rex the Dinosaur, a silly panda, too is now available in the Android Marketplace—and this new friend won't cost you a cent!

The little guy repeats everything you say in a goofy voice and you can pet his head to make him purr or poke his head, belly or feet to give him a fit of the tickles. A “music” button makes him dance around and you can feed him sticks of bamboo. It sounds like yet, another fun distraction and an easy way to keep a couple of kids temporarily occupied.

Elf City (Free)

Build-your-own city/business empire style games have come a long way from Sim Town and Roller Coaster Tycoon. In Elf City a new life has just began for you on a plush, green planet far away from Earth and you have to build your own civilization.

The game allows you to look at screenshots of other well-known cities for inspiration, but you get to be as creative as you want. The game also allows you to interact with friends in the game by visiting their cities or even sending them gifts.

Third Eye (Free)

Everyone (yourself included!) are not quite what they seem. An app called Third Eye gives you the power to see people for who they really are—vampires and vampire slayers.

In this vision-based mobile reality game, you use face recognition technology to recognize nearby vampires and slayers. Fighting for or against the forces of darkness, you have to hunt down your enemy, build an army and duke it out in battle.

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