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Fresh Android Apps for June 24: Hulu Plus, Angry Birds Seasons update, JAGEN

by Ian Black

It’s a big week in mobile TV for Android – the freshest entry is Hulu Plus, the website sensation that first went mobile over iPhone. Check out the mention below for more details.

A big, anticipated game is the update to Angry Birds Seasons. New levels and new features make it fresh for summer. And, for those who like Labyrinth or Marble Madness, you’re in for a treat with JAGEN.

Hulu Plus (Free)

Just days after the free mobile TV service called Crackle launched on Android comes the monthly subscription mobile app from named Hulu Plus.

The app works just like the Plus service online. For $7.95, per month you gain access to the premium content from Hulu, which includes every current season’s episode of selected TV shows from ABC, FOX, and NBC like Glee, Modern Family, Family Guy, The Office, SNL, and others; old shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Miami Vice, Ally McBeal, and so on; award winning films from Miramax and Criterion Collection like Pulp Fiction, The English Patient, Breathless, and more.

There’s a lot of competition in mobile TV from the likes of Netflix, HBO GO and Crackle, but if you want to check Hulu Plus out, you can download the app and view free gallery content before you sign-up for the monthly subscription.

Angry Birds Seasons update (Free)

This update to the seasonal spin-off of Angry Birds lets the birds have a little fun in the sun.

Send digital summer postcards to your friends from the app and gain access to a new level each day for a month. Like the other versions of the franchise, this one has state-of-the-art bird weapons, fortified forts, and pig body armor. Inside the app you’ll find 15 new levels to start with and a summer picnic mini-movie.

If you like the mega-hit original, don’t hesitate to download this one: you’ll find it just as addictive.

JAGEN (Free)

Like maze games? JAGEN is a cool new entry in the Android Market that’s free to download.

There’s a fairly complicated back-story about a mutated virus that broke free of a lab and devastated a planet. You’re a scientist who must navigate the walled maze overlaid on the planet to stop the contagion from spreading and collect samples of the virus with your mini-ship. But, after a narrated introduction, you’re off and playing.

Tilt your phone to guide the ship through the mazes and pick up the samples. Danger lurks everywhere in the form of cliffs, cut outs, and virus cells looking to infect you. Fortunately, you have some shields, acceleration pads, and booster jets to help you.

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