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Fresh Android Apps for June 23: App Backup & Restore, ShakyTower, Dogfight

by Ian Black

Name the biggest advantage of the Android Market over the iTunes App Store for phone owners? I say it’s more free apps in the Android Market. Today’s fresh app list is all free and, from the gaggle of positive reviews, all good as well. App Backup & Restore gives you a little piece of mind about all the apps you download, ShakyTower lets you defy gravity, and Dogfight gives you wings.

App Backup & Restore (Free)

There are phone backups that use the cloud, but this one leverages SD cards. With a couple of taps you can back-up your applications to the safety of SD card storage. And, if needed, you can restore them from the card just as easily.

Helpful settings allow you to back-up every new app automatically just after you download and install it from the Android Market. You can also list every app on the card, display the card usage, and sort the apps by name, install date, and size.

Need more? How about support for App2SD and the capability to make more than one version of a backup? The rave reviews in the Market say this app does what it says it can do, and does it well.

ShakyTower (Free)

Yup, another creative and fun game has launched on the Android Market and this one isn’t an iPhone app yet.

The start position of this game – hold your phone parallel to the ground. Tap the screen to create a new block, tap again to make another block, then begin to stack them. Tilt your phone left and right to sway your tower just as it would under real gravity conditions.

Each level delivers a challenge like building a tower up to a specific line as quickly as possible, keep a shaking tower from falling for a certain length of time, and tilting your tower left and right to capture falling power-ups, and many more.

It’s fun and free so don’t hesitate.

Dogfight (Free)

Dogfighting airplanes are fun whether you’re actually flying in the sky, or just playing over your phone. This game provides some simple thrills whenever you have a few minutes.

Drag your finger from the front of your fighter in a flight path around the sky. Your mission is to shoot down all the enemy fighters without augering in yourself. Your plane and your enemies will fire automatically if a plane comes within range. Exclamation points in the sky show you where a new enemy plane will appear, allowing you to change your flight path if needed.

Power-ups that you can fly through and capture include shields, repairs, missiles, and temporary invincibility.

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