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Fresh Android Apps for June 22: FollowMe, Stardunk, Peggle

by Ian Black

Always remember the “mobile” part of mobile applications. You can’t carry your PC around with you wherever you go, but your phone travels with you as often as your keys and wallet do. On today’s fresh list, FollowMe takes advantage of the mobility to capture and share your adventures out in the world.

Today’s games are both freshly on Android after building a fan base on the iPhone. Stardunk lets you play international basketball and Peggle delivers a new twist on a brick-breaker game.

FollowMe (Free)

Share your journeys as you travel. This app records your movements on a “track” with visible routes on a map and provides the opportunity for you to place pins marking special locations and add photos, videos, and text that describe where you went and what you did there.

The interface is very easy to use – starting a new track or adding multimedia pins can be accomplished with just a few taps. Similarly, sharing over email or Facebook requires just a few quick touches. You can also choose to share individual photos from your journey, but not the whole trip.

Use the app for your own reflection or to record vacations for friends and family that can’t go with you. The app runs quietly in the background during recording so you can use your phone for everything you normally do while on-the-go.

Stardunk (Free)

Space basketball versus the world! This timewaster takes the concept of the massive multiplayer online game (MMOG) and tosses it up in the air. It’s a popular iPhone game that has just arrived on Android.

Select your specific ball from among many – each has its own special powers like extra speed or second chance ball – then aim your shot by positioning the arrow to shoot the ball over the world and into the hoop on the other side. A magical backboard lets you bank it into the hoop. Sinking baskets unlocks cool features like fire and multiple balls.

When you play online you see the scores and flags of your competitors appear on the globe graphic in real-time as you shoot. At the end of a round, you can view your rankings among your challengers. Share your hoop dreams over OpenFeint.

Peggle [Amazon Appstore only] ($2.99)

Combine the Asian arcade game Pachinko with a brick-buster video game and you get Peggle. Shoot a tiny ball, pinball-style, into a maze of bumpers and keep it bouncing to touch as many of the bumpers as you can before the ball drains out. Each touch increases your score and will make the touched bumper disappear in the next round. Maximizing your score and clearing all the bumpers are your goals.

On the iPhone, players have gotten very into this game – working hard to become Peggle “masters” by fine-tuning the aim and position of the ball release and posting videos of their million-plus single round scores up on YouTube.

This specially optimized Android version has just launched in the Amazon AppStore and requires a Wi-Fi download.

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