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Send friends a personalized postcard with the Postagram Android app

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Tweets, text messages and emails are all acceptable means of communication, but they're not exactly personal or memorable. Postagram for Android is a super-easy-to-use program that takes your words and photos, and turns them into a physical postcard that comes in the mail — one that your sister can keep on her desk at work or your parents can stick to the fridge and cherish over time.

It's not only a really neat concept, but Postagram isn't at all difficult to use. You just select a photo, crop it, write a personal message, select an address and pay $0.99 to send your image as a real postcard to pretty much anywhere. A preview screen shows you the finished product before you check out.

Postagram allows you to either select your favorite vacation photo or a recent family snapshot from your phone's gallery or through your Facebook app. There's also an option for you to take a spontaneous photo using the Postagram app itself.

I'm pleased that (like most other apps) Postagram has a Facebook tie-in, so I'm not limited to my own crummy photos. I can steal much better images that friends and my boyfriend have taken and sent to me. I was a little disappointed, though, to see that users are confined to their “own” pictures. I wasn't able to peruse my friends' photos — the images that I wasn't, myself, pictured in, which kind of blew the lid off of the possibility of sending a “happy anniversary” card to my best friend and her boyfriend.

The app has a clean, hip design, but feels a bit clunky the first time you navigate your way through the process. For instance, I couldn't figure out how to continue the process of making my post card after having edited my text for the card. I pushed almost every button on my phone before, embarrassed, I realized that I just had to physically rotate my phone back to the vertical position from landscape. Because the process is not the most intuitive, it would be helpful to have on-screen help options or small push notifications.

The first time you make a postcard, you have to add addresses and credit-card information, which takes a little bit more time. The next time you log-in, though, you get to skip these steps — which makes sending a card easy.

It also feels appropriate to note that Postagram's editing options are limited, so if you want to adjust toning, conceal a blemish or do pretty much anything that doesn't involve the crop tool, you'll need to use another editing program.

Finally, I unfortunately can't speak to the actual quality of these postcards. At the time this review was published, I had not yet received my personalized card in the mail.

Snail mail isn't so common anymore, but a postcard, and better yet, one with a picture of you on it, is a creative and classy way to make a lasting impression.

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