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Fresh Android Apps for June 21: TouchReTouch, AutomateIt Pro, Grim Joggers Freestyle

by Ian Black

The Kung Fu of today’s fresh apps is strong. Whip your phone photos into shape with a couple of well positioned finger strikes using TouchReTouch, teach your to Android some new moves with AutomateIt Pro, and send some new recruits out for training with Grim Joggers Freestyle.

TouchReTouch ($0.99)

Photo editing on your phone has never been easier. TouchReTouch focuses in on one particular use case – removing objects from your photos – and it gets the job done.

Inside the app, you can snap a new picture using your camera or pull up a photo already in your phone’s gallery. Use the easy touch tools – lasso, paintbrush, or eraser – to mark the area, thing, or person you want to delete and press go. The app uses the information around the object to fill in the blanks and make a seamless photo in the end.

It’s unlikely you’ll attain a Photoshop quality makeover, but if you need to remove a blurry object or an unwanted ex before forwarding a shot from your phone or device, it would be hard to find something easier to use. Be warned: Some downloaders say the app didn’t work well on their particular phones – so stay tuned for updates.

AutomateIt Pro ($1.50)

I’ve mentioned the free version of AutomateIt in a prior Fresh Android Apps. Here’s the pro version which drops the ads, keeps all the features of the original, and adds some important premium-only version features.

The basic idea, you may recall, is that you can automate actions based on triggers – like sending a text to your spouse when you reach a point within a certain distance from your house or switching on Wi-Fi when you’re at home. This version provides the ability to use multiple triggers and AND/OR logic between them so you can trigger an action when more than one condition is met. You can also create a chain of actions, like sending a text and increasing the ringer volume so you’ll hear the response. Rule Active Period lets you set time windows around triggers so they are active during the day or between two specific times. And, finally, Sensor Triggers uses your phone’s accelerometer, light, or proximity sensors to trigger actions.

Cool and innovative!

Grim Joggers Freestyle (Free)

Looking for a twist to the standard side-scrolling platform game? Check out Grim Joggers Freestyle. The twist is so simple I should have thought of it – add more characters.

You control 15 joggers out running for their lives in a treacherous landscape that includes chasms, explosives, polar bears, sharp stakes and a host of other deadly obstacles. You decide when they jump with a tap of your finger. Along the way you’ll certainly lose some joggers but the object of the game is to make it as far as you can before the last runner bites the dust.

You’ll see and hear the Sole Survivor warning when you have one last jogger alive. Look for a shield that protects you against all threats ‘cause when your last jogger dies, you’ll watch his soul float up towards heaven.

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