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Fresh Android Apps for June 20: Crackle Galaxy on Fire 2 THD, Kami Retro

by Ian Black

We’re all familiar with the race for the biggest, most spectacular flat screen TVs, but what about the smallest. Mobile apps and services want to turn your Android into television to-go and the latest entry in this arena is Crackle. Check it out below.

Today’s fresh games live on different ends of the graphics spectrum. One is super high-end for Tegra-based devices (Galaxy on Fire 2) and the other is low-end retro that will remind you of arcade games of the past (Kami Retro).

Crackle (Free)

When a business doesn’t have a household name, it has to do something dramatic to get attention. That’s likely why Crackle went all free with its latest update.

Watch full-length movies and TV episodes for nothing using the Crackle app and service. You’ll recognize most of the content, even if it may be slightly dated – think Bad Boys, Ghostbusters, Patriot, and, for TV, Seinfeld and The Three Stooges. Twenty new movies and TV shows will be added monthly and you can watch over 3G or Wi-Fi.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, a few folks with playback issues over certain devices have published complaints in the Android Market. Since it’s free, there is no problem with trying it for yourself.

Galaxy on Fire 2 THD (Free)

Miss the space operas like Star Trek or Star Wars? Now, you can participate in one through Galaxy of Fire 2.

You play the role of space adventurer Keith T. Maxwell, thrown into a far future where an alien race has started a galactic war and is bent on dominating the universe. Your missions include escorting convoys under pirate attack, rescuing alien VIPs, hunting down criminals, and more. The gorgeous graphics are the real star here as this game was designed specifically for NVIDIA Tegra-based Android phones and tablets.

OpenFeint support will let you taunt your human friends but to unlock all levels of this sci-fi adventure, you’ll need to execute the $14.99.

Kami Retro (Free)

GAMEVIL, Inc. app creators have launched some very successful Android games including Zenonia and Illusia. Those two games were fantasy role-playing games but Kami Retro is different.

Think 80s-style platform games like Super Mario Bros. You run and jump across chasms and obstacles trying to make it to the next level. Comforting pixilated graphics and a retro soundtrack keep it fun.

It’s not all old-school, though. Clever puzzles await and you’ll need to touch and drag helpful trampolines, fans, and cannons around the screen into the right positions to solve them.

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