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Fresh Android Apps for June 15: VidaOne Lifestyle Pro, Pax Britannica, Doodle Grub

by Ian Black

Diets are tough so it might help to carry a nutrition coach around with you in your pocket. VidaOne Lifestyle helps manage and track your food intake and exercise regimen so that you can focus on your health. It’s new, but the reviews from those familiar with the company’s other apps say people have been waiting for this.

In today’s fresh list, the games are a little unusual. Pax Britannica provides a simple but challenging one-button strategy game and Doodle Grub brings the old game Snake into the 21st century.

VidaOne Lifestyle Pro ($5.99)

Manage your health over your Android phone. VidaOne Lifestyle claims to have made mobile applications since 1999 and says it’s packed all that know-how into this new app.

Set up a healthy diet based on your personal profile and then track your progress by entering everything you eat. Learn nutrition facts about the foods you eat and view bar charts of your daily calorie intake. For exercise, choose workouts based on different muscles in the body or track your jogging routes on a map using your phone’s GPS.

Read the reviews in the Android Market by fans that have been waiting patiently for this Android app to arrive.

Pax Britannica (Free)

Ever heard of a one-button strategy game? Me neither until Pax Brittannica appeared in the Android Market.

Play with up to four players or just you against your phone. Each player gets a mother ship called a “factory” ship to control. Press and hold your area of the screen to spin the needle on the power menu of your ship – each quadrant the needle reaches creates a different type of combat ship to use against your enemies. You can make fighters, bombers, and frigates or upgrade your factory ship. Then the battle plays out on your screen.

The underwater scene and battle graphics make it look cool. Great for four players sitting around a table using one device.

Doodle Grub (Free)

Seems like all great iPhone games make it to Android eventually – it’s only a matter of time. Doodle Grub is a twist on the old classic cell phone game Snake and has just arrived in the Market.

Tilt your phone to guide the snake-like grub around the screen eating apples and other power-ups while avoiding obstacles and enemies. When you do collide with objects you lose segments of the grub but if you hit head on you’re a goner. Fun themes make the landscape look like a winter wonderland, a garden, a wooden floor, and other places.

In multiplayer mode, you can play against others online or people around you. Use OpenFeint to gain top spot on the leader boards or share your success over Facebook and Twitter.

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