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Fresh Android Apps for June 14: Media Show on PC, Burn the City Free, Rebirth

by Ian Black

Need another option for sharing your Android’s photos with other computers or TVs? Media Show on PC is a new app that makes it easy. In seconds, you can turn your or your friends big screens into a personal slideshow.When you want to play check out the monster mash of Burn the City or the twist on Tetris called Rebirth.

Media Show on PC (Free)

While the convenience of carrying around a camera inside your phone remains powerful, it’s still not the easiest thing in the world to get your pix off your phone. Enter Media Show on PC.

Through this app you can easily see your photos through any device that can browse the Web – including your PC, Mac, Internet-capable TV, or Nintendo Wii. Press Start to show your photos in a full-screen gallery mode. While browsing you can download the pictures to a PC for editing later or edit online through Rollip and Picnik services. For added security, password protect the page so that other can’t sneak a peek.

The creators say more new features – like video viewing, picture management, and bulk downloads – are coming soon.

Burn the City Free (Free)

Wish Angry Birds was more apocalyptic? What if you replaced the cute birds with an angry Godzilla-like monster?

Burn the City lets you guide the monster’s fiery breath to set a major city aflame. This update to the game has all new artwork and easier controls – think Angry Birds' finger slingshot-style pullback and shoot. The game gets high-marks for ratcheting up the level of difficulty as you play and for clever city designs that include reflector shields, wrecking balls, and even airplanes flying overhead that the monster can use to its advantage.

Try this free version to get a sense of the game but if you want more levels you’ll need to buy the full version.

Rebirth (Free)

Sure you know Tetris, but have you ever heard of Lumines? Lumines is a variant of the falling block game that uses only squares and pops to a dance music soundtrack. Rebirth is a variation of Lumines and its just out on Android as of a few days ago.

The key is to form “quads” of matching color blocks. When you do the moving sweeper bar will erase them from the screen and leave room for more blocks. For a short break or during a wait in a line, use the Time Attack mode where you attempt to form as many matching quads as you can in 90 seconds.

OpenFeint lets you share your scores and challenge your friends to do better.

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