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Keep your private pictures hidden with Kii Safe Android app

by Caitlin M. Foyt

It's rare nowadays, to hear of a sex scandal that doesn't involve technology.

If you have some photos or videos on your phone that you'd prefer the whole world didn't know about, Hide Pictures With Kii Safe could save some embarrassment and even your reputation.

The app is essentially a password-protected lock box, protecting any hand-selected media from your phone's photo and video galleries and keeping them away from nosy friends and family, bosses, campaign competitors and even potential blackmailers or con-artists.

To get started, just type in and then retype a four-numeral PIN. Make sure it's something you can remember because this is a number you'll be typing often — each and every time you enter the application.

It's important to note that it's not clear if this app is password-encrypted, and it's difficult to say just how much trouble someone would have to go through in order to hack into your Kii Safe application.

The app has a very basic interface, but it's clear that Kii Safe was designed by a company with an eye for style. The app incorporates a little color, uses crisp graphics, and keeps things simple with just two tabs that take users directly to their phones' photo and video galleries. Simply tap "Go To Gallery" and you're on your way to protecting your stuff. I appreciate that while this app is free, it doesn't have a single advertisement.

If you're a person with a lot to hide, this is an important kind of app to have, whether you're a public official or a stay-at-home parent. Having Kii Safe on your desktop means you'll be able to hand over your phone at any time, to anyone at all, without fear of controversy or embarrassment.

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