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Android Explainer Series: Best Android phones and devices from Sprint

by Ian Black

If any carrier has embraced Android it’s Sprint. From the beginning of Android’s availability, Sprint has offered several phones based on the platform from a variety of manufacturers and promoted them heavily through web, print, and television advertising.

As of this writing, Sprint is using the prime real estate of its homepage to feature four cutting-edge Android devices, and a promotion through which you can get up to a $100 rebate for purchasing an Android phone or tablet. And later this year, Sprint will be offering its first duel-core phone with Motorola Mobility's Photon 4G.

Read on to learn more about the best Android phones and devices from Sprint that are already available or will come out in the next couple weeks.

Get Evolved

On June 24, Sprint will deliver a new dynamic duo of Android devices made by HTC – the EVO 3D phone and the EVO View tablet.

Sprint says the EVO 3D is the nation’s first 3D phone. It sports a 4.3-inch qHD (quarter Hi-Def) screen that lets you view content in 3D without special glasses. Two 5MP cameras let you shoot video (or still pictures, of course) in either 2D or 3D. Or, you can download more 3D content from the HTC Watch portal. To get you started, the phone comes with a 3D game called, Spider-Man: Total Mayhem 3D.

The EVO View features a 7-inch screen and supports the HTC Scribe pen, which lets you take notes, make highlights, or unleash your inner artist through drawing. The tablet has front and rear facing cameras and stores 32GB of memory for multimedia or apps. Keep in mind, the View runs Android version 2.3, called Gingerbread, not the tablet-specific version called Honeycomb, which was designed for larger screen tablets.

See Double

Forget the same-old interface of the iPhone, are you ready for a dual-screen phone? The Kyocera Echo comes with two 3.5-inch touch screens that can be snapped together to form a large 4.7-inch surface for viewing maps or used separately such that you can you can do two things at one – like sending a text message on one screen while browsing the web with the other. Early reviews on Sprint’s website say the phone delivers unique features but also suffers a few usability issues from its cutting-edge design.

Go Green

People don’t usually associate renewable green technology with cell phones, but you can be one of the first. The Samsung Replenish is an Android-based phone made from 82% recycled materials and comes nestled inside fully recyclable packaging. Best of all, Sprint offers an optional solar panel charger through which you can power the phone with the pure rays of the sun.

Nerd Out

The heir-apparent to the HTC Nexus One - Google’s hardware reference phone for app developers - is the Samsung Nexus S. This prototypical Android device is now available for Sprint subscribers. It features the Gingerbread version of the Android platform, a brilliant 4.0 Super AMOLED screen, a blazing 1 GHz Hummingbird processor and 16GB of onboard memory. The Nexus S also sports an NFC (Near Field Communications) chip that allow you to tap things like credit card point of sale stations and perform financial transactions or share information. Expect retail stores and apps to take advantage of this break-through hardware over of the course of the year.

Sprint and Google Voice

By now you have the sense of the options provided by the Android platform and the diverse portfolio offered by Sprint. But the choices extend beyond devices into software as well.

Sprint has teamed with Google in a unique partnership using the Google Voice service. You can use your Sprint mobile number as your Google Voice number and ring up to six numbers or computers with it simultaneously. The service also lets you get transcriptions of voice messages sent via email, screen calls in real-time, block callers, provide different ring tones for different callers, and much more.

Download for favorite Android apps

Of course, at Appolicious we know you love the apps. Each of the Android devices available through Sprint feature the Android Market through which you can quickly search and find apps that will empower your phone or tablet in many exciting ways. Sprint also regularly culls some of the “best of” apps and pre-installs them on their Android products. Be sure to browse the Sprint website as well as their retail stores and check for special deals.

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