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Android app Little Photo offers plenty of options for shutterbugs

by Caitlin M. Foyt

There are a lot of photo- and image-editing applications in the Android marketplace, but there aren't many that will replicate the faux vintage look of those photos taken by your friends with iPhones.

Little Photo is no Hipstamatic, but it suffices as a substitute.

A lot of apps out there, like Retro Camera and PicPlz, have a certain number of special filters that change the color and texture of your photos, turning them into trendy black and white, sepia, faded, Lomo and soft images. What these apps don't do, though, is allow you to get a little more intimate with these photos. Little Photo allows you to apply more specialty effects — like burn spots or "bokeh" (which creates a blur to create the illusion of depth of field) — after the photo has been taken. You can also add captions.

The app, though, does still have a lot of really great filters. If you get tired of the same old filters (and, like I said, there are quite a few, so you probably won't tire of them quickly) or just feel like experimenting, the app has a paint-over option, which allows you to mix different effects.

I've never been a whiz at Photoshop, and I'm not very creative visually. Despite this, I didn't have any difficulty creating some pretty neat photos. I liked them so much, I wouldn't be embarrassed to share them on Facebook or Twitter. Here's my cue to mention that, yes, this app does easily allow sharing on your favorite social networking sites.

While Little Photo will help you to create some pretty artsy photos, the app itself isn't very aesthetically pleasing. Interface design is simple and almost archaic. Because this is such a creative app, it would be nice for the developers to create packaging that better reflects the product.

This app would also occasionally force close. Thankfully, this never happened while I was working on an image, but it was annoying.

Because this app delivers the effects I'm looking for at such a low cost (nothing), it's easy to look past Little Photo's imperfections.

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