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Fresh Android Apps for June 10: Stair Dismount, Skin Ink, 3D Bowling

by Ian Black

Perhaps virtual reality has evolved into mobile apps. In today’s list, you can play the role of a sociopath (Stair Dismount) or an alternative culture tattoo artist (Skin Ink), all while you’re innocently on the go with your Android. Think of these as mini-vacations of the mind at the start of summer. To rejoin the mainstream, go bowling (3D Bowling).

Stair Dismount (Free)

Once again, a mobile application lets us safely explore our violent tendencies without harming others. This app lets you push a crash test dummy down a variety of stairs, watching the damage and listening to the crunching of parts all along the way.

It’s a game of sorts where you score higher by causing damage to as many sections of the body as you can, but the point is really the naughtiness. You can post your friend’s face on the dummy and then share your mayhem over Facebook and other social networks.

Skin Ink ($0.97)

Let’s take this tattoo craze to the next level. You watched hours of tattoo parlor docudramas on cable, you may have even got yourself inked during an impulsive night on the town – but you know you really want to become a tattoo artist yourself.

Skin Ink lets you learn and practice the basics of tattoo art without actually vandalizing any human flesh. In the form of a game, you can sketch and design your own stencils under time pressure with limited ink, then move on to inking your designs on a virtual human body. Additionally, you can import your own stencils or use those designed by genuine tattoo artists.

3D Bowling (Free)

Who would have thought that bowling and Android mesh so well together? This one, as the name suggests, is a 3D version that sports a variety of themes from realistic ‘50s to street to starry night.

Pick your own ball from a set of different colors. The scores appear overhead in the traditional grid. The description claims that a realistic physics engine grounds the ball and pin action in reality. Like other bowling games, you position and flick the ball down the lane with your finger. Here you can add a hook to the left or right with a curve gesture.

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