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Fresh Android Apps for June 8: LiveATC for Android, FireBall, GalaxyLaser VSBOSS

by Ian Black

Ever wonder what pilots and air traffic controllers really say to each other? Stop wondering and check out LiveATC for Android to learn the truth. Maybe you’ll hear why your plane is late.

Put your phone in Flight Mode and while away the time with FireBall and GalaxyLaser VSBOSS.

LiveATC for Android ($2.99)

You’ve heard about the air traffic controllers falling asleep on the job this year? Now you can listen in. streams live feeds from over 400 airports around the world and this app brings them directly to your Android phone or device. You’ll hear the conversations between the air traffic control tower and the pilots. The app lets you search nearby using your phone location or you can browse a list of feeds by state in the US or by country. Favorite the ones you’ll listen to regularly.

Before you purchase the app, search the website to determine if the airports that interest you stream their feeds.

FireBall (Free)

How strong is your Kung Fu? In this game, you must master wood and conquer fire.

Mini fireballs bounce around wooden trays of interesting shapes. You must use your finger Katana (think Fruit Ninja) and slice the tray to reduce the surface area by the required percentage but you must make sure not to separate the fireballs. With the fire moving randomly, you need to move quickly so as not to get burned.

As you level-up, the fireballs gain extra powers but you can take advantage of power-ups that let you slow down or explode the balls. Start with 50 levels, though the creators say more free levels are on the way.

GalaxyLaser VSBOSS (Free)

Remember Galaga – the classic arcade game of the 1980s? That feels like the inspiration for GalaxyLaser. Not a rip-off, an homage on Android with 21st century graphics.

Choose your ship – with varying levels of speed, shields and firepower – then blast off to your space adventure. To move the ship up, down, right and left drag your finger around the touchscreen.

As the name suggests, this game “cuts to the chase” of the Big Boss battle. Shoot away but avoid the attack of the monster alien warship. It will vibrate your phone when it suffers a devastating hit, but don’t get too excited, there’s another Boss waiting on the next level.