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Fresh Android Apps for June 6: Prox Pro, Read It Later Free, Age of Zombies

by Ian Black

If you don’t stay current on the latest items in the Android Market you’re missing out on some useful and powerful apps. In today’s fresh list, Prox Pro makes a science fiction interface to Android real and Read It Later provides offline reading functionality.

Need more zombies? Age of Zombies turns the quaint sprite game into a gory shoot ‘em up.

Prox Pro ($1.99)

The nerd-classic film Minority Report promised a future where we control computers by gesturing with our hands. Remember Tom Cruise waving his arms like a symphony conductor? Kinect brought that functionality to the XBOX and through hacks to desktop computers but phone owners were left out in the cold – until now.

Prox leverages your Android’s accelerometer and proximity sensor into a gesture controller. Tilt your phone left, right, toward or away from you, then swipe your hand over the screen (without touching it at all) and Prox performs whatever action you’ve assigned to that gesture – like displaying the notification bar, going back to the home screen, launching an app, and more.

The most challenging part of the app is setting up the gestures. Watch the video tutorial on the description page for the app in the Android Market to get a sense of what this powerful app can do.

Read It Later Free (Free)

Offline browsing may not be something you need every day. It’s best for when you can’t go online with your phone or tablet – while in a plane, medical facility or other restricted area – or if you have a limited data plan.

Read It Later provides an easy way to save informative websites or web-based articles for when you have more time. Simply touch and hold the screen while browsing a useful site and select the Read It Later option. Settings let you decide whether to save images or just the text. The article format works well for phones or tablets. You can also share the articles you save with others or toggle back to the live article on the web.

The paid version of Read It Later for Android has been available since December but this limited free version is brand new. Check it out for yourself.

Age of Zombies ($3.19)

Sure, Legends of Zelda is cool, but sometimes you just want to shoot some zombies. Picture the same sprite style action of LoZ with the village townspeople replaced by the undead and shotguns and flamethrowers replacing the broadsword.

Barry Steakfries is in a tough spot – a medical experiment has gone wrong and he and bunch of zombies have been transported out of a secure lab into the world. There are no mystical quests, just running and shooting. Toggle between weapons and use the buildings and other objects to Barry’s advantage.

Formerly exclusive only to the Sony Xperia device, this game has just become available to all Android devices.

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