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Fresh Android Apps for June 3: Magic Hour - Camera, Thrutu update, Nano Panda

by Ian Black

Isn’t it nice when you can make your gadgets more powerful through software? Improve your phone with today’s fresh Android apps. Magic Hour gives your phone’s camera a turbo charge of filters and editing and Thrutu boosts your regular old voice calls with sleek new features like MeetMe.

But you can’t always be so goal-focused. When it’s time for fun, try Nano Panda – a smart-science re-imagining of Cut the Rope, ah, with bears.

Magic Hour – Camera ($1.99)

Carrying a multi-mega pixel camera around inside your phone is a great convenience but it doesn’t really replace a digital camera until it does a little more. Crank up your phone’s camera with the editing, add-ons, and filters of Magic Hour.

Spice up your photos with textures, frames, “vignettes”, or adjust brightness, contrast, and curves with the editing capabilities. The app comes packed with 40 filters that let you turn the mediocre to magnificent, but if those aren’t enough, you have access to a free filter market through which you can obtain or share filters with others.

Sharing through Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, WhatsApp, or KakaoTalk! only takes a couple of taps. This full version costs about two bucks but you can try the app with a free version also available in the market.

Thrutu update (Free)

With a brand new update, Thrutu continues to augment voice calls with enhanced features. In addition the original photo and location sharing, you can now also “poke” someone (a touch at your end vibrates their phone) or share a doodle.

Perhaps most exciting, you can now add virtual buttons to the app that bring new features created by the Thrutu development community. The current set includes the ability to send money through PayPal, browse and share the web together over your call, and quickly find a place to get together with MeetMe. The team also allows you to move the app to an SD card in this update.

If you haven’t tried it yet, check it out and learn what all the positive reviews are talking about.

Nano Panda ($0.97)

Sure pandas are cute and cuddly but sometimes they have some serious work to do. Evil Atoms have invaded a top-secret laboratory where these ninja pandas hang out. In order to neutralize them, the pandas get miniaturized and, uh, magnetized. OK, I’m going to stop trying to explain the back-story of nutty game now.

Think Cut the Rope with pandas and electro-magnetism. Each screen is a new puzzle that you must solve by controlling the timing, direction, and curvature of the panda – remembering that pandas attract each other due to their magnetic properties. The puzzles make you think and maybe laugh as you watch the pandas take out the bad guys.

The game is very popular and also critically acclaimed on iPhone. See what all the fuss is about.

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