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Fresh Android Apps for May 31: Dropsnap, Schwab Mobile, Hyperlight

by Ian Black

Coming down off the long Memorial Day weekend? No worries, it’s a short work week. To help you make it through, check out DropSnap for easy photo sharing between devices, Schwab Mobile for trading and investing, and Hyperlight for fighting a space battle.

DropSnap (Free)

Avid photographers take note. Photo-sharing sites let you automatically upload photos. But, sometimes it’s not about sharing with other people. Skilled photographers like to upload, review, and edit before publishing and sharing.

This app lets you automatically sync photos to multiple devices and computers using Dropbox’s digital storage service. As a reminder, Dropbox is virtual cloud storage that you can access via anything that connects to the web, including phones, tablets, and PCs. By adding DropSnap to the mix, you can snap a photo using your Android phone and it automatically uploads to Dropbox.

You can download this free app and try a demonstration but you’ll need to use the in-app purchase before you can use it for real.

Schwab Mobile (Free)

“Talk to Chuck” is one of the Charles Schwab investment firm’s slogans, but you don’t actually need to chat with the man if you have an Android phone.

This first installment of their mobile app lets you view your portfolio and move money between accounts with a couple of taps. Read stock market news or watch the real time quotes to help with your trading decisions. When you’re ready, execute trades right through the app. Of course, you’ll need a Charles Schwab account to make use of these features.

The description in the Android Market promises several additional features in the works, including a branch locator and mobile deposit option.

Hyperlight ($1.41)

Cosmic war has never been so much fun.

Out in deep space, enemies surround your spaceship. Your ship’s most powerful weapon is its FTL (Faster Than Light) engine that turns the ship into an indestructible comet. Use your device’s accelerometer by tilting your device to ram the enemy objects and destroy them. The steeper the incline of the your tilt, the faster the ship moves. You need to sweep over power-ups every few seconds to keep your energy sucking FTL drive fueled up. Battle your way to the big boss, a crustacean-like alien that wants to crunch your ship into little edible bits.

The description says this game works best on high-end Android devices like those powered by NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual core CPUs, or the Xperia Play.