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Fresh Android Apps for May 27: WSJ Mobile, mSpot Music update, Tiny Bee

by Ian Black

The Wall Street Journal continues to deliver the news in forms cooler than that dead-end paper product. Check out their phone-only app release below. Just when you think the only giant powerful corporations control the mobile industry, a streaming music “little guy” arrives with a cool update. And just for fun, help a busy bee on his appointed rounds.

The Wall Street Journal Mobile (Free)

In yesterday’s fresh Android app list I mentioned how the new BBC app covers the world. If that’s too macro, check out the new WSJ app, which of course covers the street, Wall Street that is.

Last month, Dow Jones & Company released a Wall Street Journal app that was specifically designed for Android tablets. This app is designed just for phones. The interface sports easy scrollable lists of content and the ability to tap down to full screen mode for reading stories or watching videos.

Browse content from the day’s paper, including feature stories from the front page, as well as stories from the Business, Tech, Life and Culture sections. More content gets added throughout each day. You’ll also find Photos of the Day, a Video Center and Podcasts from the newsroom and elsewhere. Some protected content requires you to have a paid subscriber account.

mSpot Music Update (Free)

Competition usually means more features, cheaper prices, and good stuff all around for the end user. In terms of cloud music, the competition is fierce and includes Google’s Music Beta, Amazon’s Cloud Player, and today’s update to mSpot Music.

This service works a lot like the others. Upload your existing music collection to the mSpot cloud – you get 5GB of storage for free. From there, you’re able to stream your music to anywhere, like this Android app.This update adds a new feature called Radio Spotter. This feature analyzes your music and suggests streaming Internet radio stations you might like. You can tune into to these stations straight through the app. Still in Beta, Radio Spotter is only available in the US.

Tiny Bee ($1.11)

You’d think every bee would be great at flying. Not this one.

This bulbous bee can barely get off the ground and it needs your help to get it daily work of collecting pollen, honey, and other sweets. Use your finger to guide the bee over a series of rolling hills until it can use the momentum to catch some air and remain sky bound for a few seconds. At the end of a run you’ll see a tally of your collection work and the status of whether or not you’ve met your quota.

The best part of the game is the circus-like soundtrack and the bright, inflated graphics. A good choice for kids.