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Fresh Android Apps for May 26: BBC News, Omaha Steaks Steak Time, Adidas MiCoach

by Ian Black

Stay calm and carry on. Even though one of the world’s greatest news apps, BBC News, has just arrived on Android, it’s no reason to get emotional. Soon enough, you’ll be enjoying thought-provoking stories from a global perspective.

When it’s time to grill out, launch Omaha Steaks Steak Time. It’s the Swiss army knife of grill tools.To work off the calories, try Adidas MiCoach.

BBC News (Free)

And there was much rejoicing! The BBC has delivered its first official Android news app and the rave reviews have already started rolling in. Be warned however, it may not be available to many US device users right now.

Before yesterday, the Android Market contained many fake BBC apps, which only scraped the BBC’s websites for content. Meanwhile, the technology-friendly BBC worked stoically behind the scenes to create this mobile news wonder.

Easily navigate through text, images, and video covering the world’s current news or watch live BBC TV streamed right to your phone. Share stories through social networking, text, or email and customize the app’s home screen to show only your favorite news categories.

Omaha Steaks Steak Time (Free)

Send the vegans and vegetarians out for more beer, ‘cause it’s time to put the steaks on the grill.

This app works like a grill master’s digital toolbox. You can browse, save, and create grocery lists for steak-related recipes. Or, if you have all the ingredients, watch a video of a chef’s cooking techniques like perfecting grill marks. When you’re ready to go, set the Steak Timer and it will guide your through when to start and flip each different cut of beef so that they all finish grilling at the same time.

Quiz your BBQ guests on Steak Facts using the app while your wait for your meatless friends to return with the brewskis.

Adidas MiCoach (Free)

Can’t afford a personal trainer? No worries. This one is free.

This Android app complements and synchronizes with Adidas’ workout tracking website Choose a training plan and the app guides you through runs or exercises by talking to you over the speakerphone or headset.

Receive new daily workouts and tips from a coach; access your music while you work out; and, because it’s all sponsored by a sneaker company, track your shoe usage all through the app.