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Fresh Android Apps for May 24: Ghosttown, Robotek, Riptide GP

by Ian Black

Not satisfied with Amazon’s Cloud Player for your Android music options? Check out the fresh Ghosttown, which streams music from the web. One day soon, one way or another, we’re gonna fill the Android music vacuum.

For fresh games, try Robotek for death-ray robot fun or RipTide GP for the nuttiest jet-ski action just since this guy.

Ghosttown (Free)

Free music is good. Ghosttown aims to provide a new alternative to Android music services out there.

Enter any artist, song, or album and Ghosttown will search for a match on the web and stream the results to your phone with accompanying album or artist art. Helpfully, you can create playlists or favorite songs for easy replay later.

This version is free but runs ads across the bottom of each screen. For 99 cents, you can download a version without ads. Some users have noted technical issues on certain phone models in the comments section of the Android Market so it’s smart to try the free version to see if it works on your device.

Robotek (Free)

Killer robots anyone? In a Terminator-esque future, machines have conquered humans but now it’s our turn to fight back.

Create and deploy your own robots or steal one from the evil Empire of Machines and turn it against them. Use lasers, death rays, or microwaves to cook up some robot toast as you grow your bots in experience and points. Study the tutorial to learn how to knock off the weaker robots first and prepare for the more challenging ones.

In-app purchases allow you to re-charge your energy or pimp your bot. Challenge your friends, view the leaderboards, or share your machine-wupping achievements via Facebook.

RipTide GP ($6.99)

Get wet with the first Android game from the creators of the popular XBOX game Hydro Thunder Hurricane. Note that this game has been designed specifically for NVIDIA Tegra-powered phones and tablets only.

Suit up, ‘cause you’ll need a full-face helmet and neoprene body-armor chaps to drive the supercharged jet skis of this race game. Motor through twelve thrilling rollercoaster-like waterways – including jungle rivers, futuristic cityscapes, and marine research laboratories – and try to rack up extra points along the way with jumps, stunts, and tricks.

Comments in the Market say the graphics are stunning and the physics realistic. The game costs $6.99 but users claim it’s a bargain at that price.