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Fresh Android Apps for May 19: Parker, WebMD, Angry Viking

by Ian Black

It’s great when your phone actually helps you while you’re out and about. Not just the standard keep-in-touch style assistance but genuine “I couldn’t have done this without my Android” type aid. Today’s fresh Android apps provide support for parking your car (Parker) and curing your medical problems (WebMD for Android).

When all your issues are resolved, relax with a peaceful game (Angry Viking).

Parker by Streetline, Inc (Free)

Now your Android smartphone can assist you with some intelligent parking. Streetline Inc., the makers of the Parker app, have “smart parking” technology deployed in select cities in California and other US states. The app allows you to pay for parking over your phone using a credit card and in a few cities with parking sensors. It will even tell you how many curbside and lot spots are free and where they are located.

Find rates and time limits for street parking and hourly rates for parking garages. Navigate to the spot you like and then capture your location or snap a photo of your vehicle.

WebMD for Android (Free)

The medical website for just-plain-folks arrives on Android as a new app. Browse all of the great medically-reviewed symptom and illness content through search terms or use the new body map which lets you tap areas of a virtual human body and displays common problems related to those parts.

Additionally, the app provides detailed drug side effect and interaction information. A cool pill-finder section helps you identify a pill just by its color and shape.

Need medical assistance while traveling? The app uses your location to map medical facilities around you and will provide directions to get you where you need to go.

Angry Viking ($1.33)

Vikings were known to be fierce in battle but the bloodthirsty main character of this game takes things to the extreme. This one-note warrior kills everything in his path including enemy invaders, innocent townspeople, and wrong-place, wrong-time hapless heifers.

The animation has a fascinatingly weird black-and-white jerky stop-motion feel. The only color in the gruesome game comes from the crimson blood flooding over the landscape as the murderous rampage goes on and on.

If only they had anger management therapy back in the Viking Age.