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Fresh Android Apps for May 18: Trillian, Crime Inc., Battle Chinese Checkers

by Ian Black

Today’s fresh Android list is all free. Trillian is a chat client that lets you communicate with friends directly or through social posts. Crime Inc. and Battle Chinese Checkers are brand new games that let you fight others in different ways.

Trillian (Free)

Not new but newly free, Trillian is a chat client for desktop and mobile devices that supports cool features like sending pictures and updating social networks. If you use Trillian on a desktop, you can synchronize this mobile app with the Mac or Windows client so that you can smoothly shift from chatting over your desktop to your phone, and vice versa.

For social services, use Trillian to blast your updates to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Foursquare all at once. You can post pictures this way as well.

The app previously cost $5 in the Android Market and has recently dropped the price tag but gained advertisements.

Crime Inc. (Free)

Fancy a life of crime? Experiment with your fantasy without actually breaking the law through Crime Inc. Start your own mob and work to be the boss of bosses. Recruit crewmembers and equip them with the latest weapons. Complete special jobs and gather the spoils to fund more illicit activities. Take out your rivals on a bounty hit list and control more territory.

Like any CEO, you’ll be shifting time between new contracts, battling enemies, building your assets, and growing your empire. A cool user interface, slick photos, and twisted humor make all the hard work fun.

Battle Chinese Checkers (Free)

I had a Chinese Checkers set when I was a kid and it looked exactly like this. For the uninitiated, Chinese Checkers is a board game where up to six players can compete simultaneously by moving one marble at a time. The goal: to move all the marbles of your color to the opposite side of the board.

The coolest feature of this game: you can choose to play with between two and six players and you decide whether your opponents are real people or the app’s AI or a mix of the two. For humans, you pass your phone around as each person’s turn arrives. For the AI, choose which level of difficulty each should play: easy, normal, hard or expert.

Zoom around the board to view the positions of all the players while you plot your next move. Undo moves you don’t like with a single tap until your find one you like.