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Fresh Android Apps for May 16: VPlayer Pro, Bang Bang Racing THD, Contract Killer

by Ian Black

Could Android be the “come from behind” champion of mobile video and gaming? Some had resigned themselves to less intense video playback and second tier games on Google’s phone platform, but as the Android Market grows in apps and more developers jump on board, things are looking up in these areas.

In today’s fresh list, we’ve got a free full-featured video player and two  games with high-end graphics.

VPlayer Pro (Free)

We should keep reminding ourselves that the ability to play smooth video on our phone is astounding. It’s has not been very many years that this technology was available. If you love playing video on the go, check out VPlayer Pro – it’s new and free.

The app supports several video types and plays them without first converting them to a new format, enabling smoother play. The creators’ goal was to produce the “best video player” for Android and so they’ve included the ability to make playlists and the app displays thumbnail images from each video.

As added bonuses, look for the ability to sort videos in different ways and support for multiple subtitles of a single video.

Bang Bang Racing THD ($7.96)

Like the thunder of racecars on the track? How about when the sound booms out from your phone?

Playbox delivers their all-out racing game for consoles, formerly only on PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360, to Android. Expect amazing physics and stunning graphics whether you’re playing on a tablet or a phone. Play on eight different tracks based on locations around the world using twenty different cars, each with its own handling and skins. The “bang bang” of the title comes from exploding oil tanks, tires, cones and barrels you’ll encounter while wheeling around the course.

Race in various modes including a single race, time trials, a championship, or “reverse track”. OpenFeint integration lets you brag to your other friends and entice them to join.

The price is not cheap at 8 bucks, but Playbox says this is a special introductory offer so it will only go up in the future.

Contract Killer (Free)

The only socially positive aspect of blood-thirsty games like Contract Killer might be that it keeps some violence purely virtual.

You might have guessed from the title, but in this game you play an paid assassin. The fact that all the targets are crime bosses and killers themselves should help you sleep at night. Select a weapon – including sniper rifles, assault rifles, handguns, machine guns or if you feel particularly merciful, a tranquilizer gun – before heading out on one of 17 story missions.

The hits take place within five gritty city locations – like a construction site or busy intersection – but there are multiple vantage points from which to shoot. Because of the massive information about your targets – 250MB worth – the creators suggest using Wi-Fi to download.