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Sony takes to Honeycomb with two Android tablets

by Kristen Nicole

Sony (SNE) is getting into the tablet game, teaming with Android for two new devices. Code-named S1 and S2, the upcoming tablets are expected for an autumn release. The S1 is a slate-style tablet with a 9.4-inch touch-screen display, while the S2 is more shell-shaped, opening and closing, with a dual-screen touch-screen display measuring 5.5 inches. Both devices will run Android Honeycomb and support Wi-Fi or 3G/4G services, though Sony has yet to announce which carriers will be selling its tablets.

Sony announced the Android tablets this morning, and despite the manufacturer’s ongoing relationship with Google (GOOG), having partnered for Google TV and Xperia, the tablet race will be treacherous for Sony. While this space is heating up, Apple (AAPL) has had a year-lead on other tablet makers. Developer interest in Android tablets is actually decreasing, according to a new report from Appcelerator. The company behind the Titanium platform notes that fragmentation is Android’s biggest threat, as the number of devices running Google’s OS expand, leaving developers to manage a portfolio of apps for varied smartphones and tablets for Android alone.

Dog fighting game denounced by Michael Vick

The Android Market is certainly a booming opportunity for many dedicated app developers, but popularity in this arena isn’t always a good thing. A new Android game portraying dog fighting has gained the attention of the Humane Society, and Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. The football player, who served a 20-month sentence for a federal dogfighting conviction, has joined with the Humane Society of the U.S. to denounce the Dog Wars app, demanding Google drop it from the Android Market all together.

Seesmic, SkyFire updates

In other app news, we have notable updates from Seesmic and Skyfire. Seesmic for Android 1.7 has added a slew of shortcuts, letting you perform various actions directly from your home screen. The update to the social management tool also supports Facebook Pages monitoring, as well as Salesforce Chatter integration. Skyfire now boasts a customizable scrolling SkyBar for social interaction and news updates, spanning Groupon, Twitter, Google Reader and Finance. The other exciting aspect of the mobile browser’s update is SkyFire Video, which has undergone a price drop, encouraging more Android users to optimize videos during mobile web browsing.