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Skype update tops Android Apps of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

After Android developer Justin Case uncovered a Skype security vulnerability, the question of Android’s safety was raised once again. Inadequate security measures gave potential hackers access to private user data on Skype’s Android app, emphasizing Skype’s shortcomings, as well as Google’s. Less than a week later, Skype’s updated its Android app, and added 3G calls as a bonus feature. The White House also made things official with a new Android release.

Communication is key

Skype has pushed through a swift update for its Android app, addressing the security loophole that recently landed the VoIP provider in hot water. Free, Skype’s Android app has also added 3G calling, in addition to its Wi-Fi support. Skype’s heavy on its Android presence, marking its territory as a FaceTime competitor. As Skype strives for an IPO, maintaining its front line products is going to be key.

President Obama has always promoted transparency with his administration, so it’s not surprising to see an official Android app from the White House. The mobile app aggregates videos, town hall speeches and photos. Get mobile alerts for President Obama’s speeches, and stay current with political events.

CNN already had an Android app, but it was limited to Honeycomb devices. A new release for smartphones has quickly drawn in tens of thousands of downloads, demonstrating the user demand around a widely accessible version. A number of news publications have gone mobile, so CNN’s game of catch-up has been well-received so far.

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WordPress remains dedicated to its Android-facing blog platform, updating the free app with some key features. You now have the ability to set post schedules, customizing the date a blog entry publishes. You can also set passwords for posts, and add HTTP authentication for self-hosted blogs. For many multi-tasking bloggers looking to optimize their on-the-go work, this is a key upgrade.

Personal cloud

Personal cloud apps got big boosts this week, starting with Evernote. This management service has pushed through its biggest Android update yet, primarily adding support for notebook creation, search and sharing. Notebooks are an important development for Evernote as it seeks more social capabilities, and keeping in line with its mobile appeal, this update was necessary.

Sonos has also expanding on a specialized Android presence, launching a mobile controller that lets you remotely manage your music files. It’s a multi-room wireless solution, so you can access your personal cloud from just about anywhere. It has a search function to easily filter your content, includes volume control and full-screen viewing. Run the free app on your home Wi-Fi network, tap in and play on.

Dropbox, the popular file sharing service, has finally added Honeycomb support, breaking into the Android tablet market. The free file sync and storage service has also added support for a handful of languages, from French to Japanese. Sadly, the update enabling bulk uploads is limited to iOS users for now at least.

Keeping track

EvriThing has built an impressive lineup of Android apps, each compiling specific news categories with custom filters for you. The latest category in the EvriThing family is pro Basketball, adding another sports header for stats and news junkies. Choose from pre-set channels, or drill down into unique channels based on keywords, like injury reports or trading rumors.

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