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Android gets personal with White House app, cloud services updates

by Kristen Nicole

President Obama has been all about transparency, using social media and tech to reach the masses. His administration is taking things one step further, with the launch of a new Android app. This official app is quite similar to the iOS version, delivering Facebook Town Hall meetings, YouTube announcements and other updates pushed through our nation’s capital. You’ll receive an alert when President Obama is about to speak, and oftentimes you’ll be able to view the speech live.

HBO Go for Android

The White House isn’t the only one going after Android users, as HBO revealed its plans for a mobile app next month. The app, which will be released on Android and iOS, is a mobile extension of HBO Go, a web-based viewer for streaming some 140,000 titles. With portals like Netflix already demonstrating a strong mobile front, HBO’s merely playing catch-up in many regards.

Grooveshark bites back

Mobile access to media is a certain consumer trend, and movies and music top the list for demand and ongoing business development. But it’s not always a smooth ride. Grooveshark learned the hard way, after Google removed its music app from the Android Market, citing copyright complaints from record labels. But Grooveshark has released a statement defending its position and its service, noting its legality and emphasizing that it pays for all its content, and actively polices its users.

Personal cloud developments

As the personal cloud industry balances legal matters and consumer demand, Sonos released a new Android app for listening to music wirelessly throughout the house. After an earlier release for a Spotify-specific Android controller and a few development delays, Sonos’ multi-room music app is inclusive, with high-end features and consistent performance.

Evernote has extended its personal cloud management capabilities with its biggest Android update yet, with search options for shared notebooks, complete with editing and sync capabilities. Notebooks have gotten a big boost from this update, releasing them from the desktop web, including the option to create notebooks on the go.