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Fresh Android Apps for Apr. 20: Evernote update, HowStuffWorks, ChoreQuest

by Ian Black

Evernote takes the digital note to a new level with their 3.0 release, HowStuffWorks brings a ton of “how” knowledge to your phone with their new app, and ChoreQuest turns housekeeping into a role-playing game.

Evernote update (Free)

There are now many synchronized note services for Android – but the first such service that made a big splash was Evernote. Instead of caving to the competition, Evernote has just catapulted version 3.0 into the Android Market with a “bring it!” challenge.

This update delivers so many new features you’ll need to take a note to remember them all. It includes one touch to share a note to Facebook, the ability to tag a note to a location, creating notebooks of notes, collaborating with others to edit notebooks, enhanced search, and a pin lock to secure the app from prying eyes.

HowStuffWorks (Free)

Discovery Communications, owners of Discovery Channel, also have a brand called HowStuffWorks. The website include videos of shows, podcasts, articles, quizzes and more.

This app brings the content to your phone in an easy to browse format. Drill down into sections like "Tech Stuff," "Stuff You Missed in History Class," "Stuff You Should Know," "BrainStuff" and others.

Search all the content in the app using keywords or peruse quotes, facts, or the featured content area.

ChoreQuest ($1.99)

Many parents use chore charts to motivate their kids to help around the house, but few are as fun as this.

In ChoreQuest, housework becomes an adventure where kids are “apprentices” and parents wizard and witch “masters”. Completing chores are achievements that earn rewards. Of course, those details are left to parents.

Each person in the house has their own log-in and can quickly view the status of tasks done and waiting. Bring on the magical mop!