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Android app Viewer makes collaboration easy

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Say you're collaborating with a colleague or client on a special project. You're having difficulty explaining a detail in words, and you're hundreds of miles away from your nearest contact. This is the perfect opportunity to try Viewer for Android.

The app not only works like a private chat room, but it also shares your in-action computer screen with a select number of people. It's a great business tool that allows you to start meetings, web conferences or ad-hoc collaborations from anywhere you can get a Wi-Fi signal.

What's especially great about it is how easy it is to use. Just have everyone who would like to be part of the conference download the app. In the meantime, you (or whoever is facilitating the discussion) heads over to and hits the big "Share" button (This is what starts the broadcast). Next, you'll be given a nine-digit code. This is the number your team will enter into the app to gain access to the meeting.

When you're in your meeting place, you can communicate with other people via chat-room-style messaging and conference calling.

Because you're on your phone and don't have a whole lot of screen to work with, obviously the computer screen you're looking at is quite small. What's especially great about this app is that you can zoom in and out.

The tiny screen can get a bit irritating, especially when trying to juggle chats and follow everything that's happening on a large screen. I think, though, that does the best it can.

The app also has an option to give other people control over what's happening on your screen, but that privilege, as well as a handful of others, will cost you a subscription of $29 a month.

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