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These Android apps are perfect for mobile bloggers

by Caitlin M. Foyt

A blogger's work is never done. Whether you're an expert on the topic of eco-fashion, you're keeping up with all of the happenings in your community or just trying to stay on top of the task of documenting your life, you always have to be thinking about your next post.

Should an idea strike while you're in a friend's car or at the grocery store, and your laptop is out of close reach, everything is not lost. Your Android has all of the tools you need, so here are some handy blogging apps that can help you stay relevant while you're on the go.

Blogging Platforms

WordPress (Free)

Initially, this app had its annoying hiccups, but a few updates later and it works like a charm. What's great about WordPress is that the platform is pretty professional looking, but it's also super easy to use. Not only that, but it requires no know-how of any kind or technical expertise to maintain. This app automatically syncs up with the mother site, allowing you to write posts, upload photos, edit pages, and manage comments from your phone.

Blogger-droid (Free)

There's nothing wrong with Google's own official Blogger app, but Blogger-droid seems to have a bit more functionality. Both apps do essentially the same thing: you can write drafts and save them for later or upload various types of content directly to your blog, just like WordPress. Blogger-droid provides more customization options, though, allowing you to post comments on published blogs, select the size and quality of the photos you upload, and set the published date and time on individual entries.

Tumblr (Free)

This app isn't quite perfect, yet, but it gets the job done: You won't have any difficulty posting every type of Tumblr post to your Tumblelog. Your Tumblr dashboard is also built right in to the site tab so that in addition to posting, you can also access your dashboard to read, like, and reblog the posts of those you follow. The app is also fully integrated with Twitter, so you can also tweet your posts as you go.

Blogging Tools

Pixelpipe Upload & Post (Free)

I tend to tweet, update my Facebook status or post to my personal blog with the same, identical idea. Pixelpipe Upload & Post is an app that will save you some time by firing out your message to all of your social networking sites in a single post. There are more than 100 different supported destinations to send your media. Most importantly though, Pixelpipe includes all of the heavy hitters, like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and YouTube to name a few.

Evernote (Free)

So, say you get an idea for a blog on the fly and you're afraid you might forget it. Don't jot it down on a napkin or a loose leaf sheet of paper—you might lose it! Evernote is a great notetaker app because it holds onto not just words, but also photos and voice recordings. That means you can snap a photo of the sunset that spurred a life-changing epiphany, the title of an article that you'd like to look up later, or pretend you're Hunter S. Thompson and make “note to self” recordings. It's also a great little note pad to use to flesh-out ideas before you start writing.

DroidAnalytics ($1.40)

DroidAnalytics is a lot like Google Analytics, in that it allows you to track your traffic for as many websites as you'd like. Check up on how many people are visiting your site and where in the world they're from. View and access information in various ways as you can give custom dates, sort and even drill down to analytics traffic by the hour, week, month or year. It also keeps tabs on all of the statistics you'd like to keep tabs on, including average time on site, bounce rate, top referring sites, and more.

Photo Apps

Picplz (Free)

Picplz is to Android what Instagram is to iPhone. You can snap photos from inside Picplz, choose your location (via your phone's GPS system) if you want, apply special effects and filters (including awesome, vintage Hipstermatic-like effects) to images, and share your photos through various different social networking sites.

Adobe Photoshop Express (Free)

There are tons of different photo editing apps out there, but the Photoshop name is so well known, intuitive and used by so many, that it's hard to recommend any other program. Stick with the basic rotate, crop, resize and change the saturation, exposure or tint. Or use the program to get a little more creative with color. This isn't the full version of the program, which means you might not be able to cleverly paste yourself into the frame beside Paul Rudd, but you will easily be able to make any reasonable tweaks and adjustments.

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