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Fresh Android Apps for Apr. 6: SMS Diversion, Innobell, Soccer Practice Plans

by Ian Black

Youth sports have begun. Soccer coaches should definitely check out Soccer Practice Plans for some special mobile know how. Otherwise SMS Diversion helps you juggle two cell phones and Innobell super-sizes your chat.

SMS Diversion (Free)

Are you one of those people that has both a personal and a business cell phone? Use this app to keep tabs on one while you’re out with the other.

Check one box to forward any call to your Gmail account in this free version. If you love the concept, you can spend a little cash for the full version which adds the ability to forward your texts to another phone and lets you forward the call log as well.

The pro version also offers a remote on/off capability.

Innobell – More Than Words (Free)

Enhanced chat is the new trend in apps.

Innobell seeks to "steroidize" basic text chat by adding the ability to share YouTube videos, Wikipedia articles, web links, your location over Google Maps, and other info through a selection of plug-ins.

The app even sports a Rock-Paper-Scissors game that you can play over chat to decide which one of you will get in the car so that you both can meet in person.

Soccer Practice Plans U9-U14 ($1.99)

This app definitely fills a need.

How many Android-owning soccer coaches out there could use some mobile wisdom on soccer drills? I would guess quite a few. Never be left standing dumbly in a field while a dozen kids stare at you wondering what to do next.

Pick from among passing, dribbling, shooting, and defending categories. The app shows you the basic idea of the drill and explains it in text. You’ll even find general soccer coaching advice so you have phrases to shout at the kids while they drill.

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