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Google Music coming soon? The Android Market is a marketing marvel

by Kristen Nicole

Google (GOOG) updated its Android Market not too long ago, followed by a web version re-launch with remote access capabilities. The next rendition of the Android Market isn’t quite ready for prime time, but a possible leak released on the Samsung Galaxy S may offer some insight to Google’s Market plans. The leaked Market reportedly includes a pre-release Google Music app, styled after the Honeycomb version and scaled for smaller screens. It looks as though you’ll be able to access cloud-based music files through Google’s service, which has also yet to launch.

A cloud-based music app would be a big win for Google, as it has yet to offer a centralized media center such as the one Apple (AAPL) offers its customers. Also, Amazon (AMZN) has provided some Android apps that address Google’s lack in music and print media, most recently launching an app marketplace of its own. It’s high time for Google to roll out its own versions of such media services. Maintaining dominance over the mobile economy its building with Android is a clear goal for Google.

Milestones & marketing

The growing number of app markets is great news for game developers, however, as Rovio hit another milestone over the weekend. Scoring 10 million downloads in 10 days, Angry Birds Rio has been a wild success across all its available platforms. In the count, both paid and free versions are included, PC World notes. Rio’s success is a hopeful outlook for mobile games, proving that a series approach is great marketing as well. Rovio has no plans of letting up, with update editions for Rio already scheduled through this year.

Universal Studios is turning to Android for some marketing prosperity as well. It’s commissioned Gameloft to develop the official game for its upcoming flick Fast Five. The action-thriller, to be released April 29, is the latest installment from the Fast and the Furious franchise. With Gameloft’s existing line-up of mobile games, which include high-speed racers and first-person shooters, you can expect the forthcoming game to be equally exciting.