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Fresh Android Apps for Mar. 31: InterRupt, SPB Shell 3D, Mighty Magic Mulletizer

by Ian Black

Remember when it was cool to be business in the front, party in the back? No? Then maybe you’re too young for the Mighty Magical Mulletizer. You can also listen to music over your phone without fear of being run over with InterRupt or go 3D with SPB Shell 3D.

InterRupt – 7 day trial (Free)

There’s a problem with listening to music or podcasts on your mobile – you can’t hear the world around you. InterRupt to the rescue!

This app monitors ambient noise over your phone’s microphone but doesn’t disturb you with the sound unless there’s a significant change – like someone speaking to you or the siren of an emergency vehicle.

Listen to MP3s of music or podcasts without fear of missing a vital sound nearby. Set a profile for different places you roam – like the park, your office, the mall, or wherever – and adjust the sound levels to your liking.

SPB Shell 3D ($14.95)

If you want to turn your Android home screen into a cool 3D interface, it will cost you about 15 bucks.

Take a look at this app’s screenshots in the Android Market to get an idea of the transformation. They look pretty cool. Turn your home screen into a 3D rotatable carousel, make your app screen a stack of 3D cards, evolve your text message conversation into overlapping speech bubbles, and make your world clock into a spinning globe of time zones.

Some Android home screen apps are in the same ballpark but nothing looks quite like this. Unfortunately, the price tag is high.

FREE Mighty Magical Mulletizer (Free)

Mullets just don’t get old. Perhaps they remain funny because they were real hairdos worn by real people. And, I know some of them, but I won’t name any names.

Bring sexy back with the Mighty Magical Mulletizer. Flip through different mullet options – and the full mustaches that sometimes accessorized them – before you transform pictures of your friends and family.

The key here is that the hairdos are photorealistic and can be sized to fit perfectly over the subjects in your photo gallery. For the finishing touch, upload your creations to Facebook.

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