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Fresh Android Apps for Mar. 30: Amazon MP3, Fools Day Ghost Camera, Old Car Vs New Car

by Ian Black

Celebrate the launch of the Amazon Cloud Player and Store (Amazon MP3), fool your friends (Fools Day Ghost Camera) and choose wisely about buying a new car (Old Car Vs New Car Calculator).

Amazon MP3 (Free)

Yesterday was a big day for Android phone owners! One of the biggest gaps between Android phones and iPhones has been Android’s lack of an effective end-to-end mobile music solution. That gap got filled today with Amazon’s new 2.0 release of their Amazon MP3 app that comes with their Cloud Player and Store.

Shop in the store filled with over 16 million songs and over 1 million albums. Download the tunes and listen to them in seconds from anywhere using their cloud service with this app. Amazon promises Daily Deals and a Free Song of the Day.

Find the closest iPhone owner, touch your thumb to your nose and wiggle your other fingers. Oh yeah, it feels good.

Fools Day Ghost Camera ($0.99)

April Fool’s Day is Friday. Spend a dollar to prepare.

The idea is simple but should provoke a scare. Take a picture of your friends using this app. Then show them the screen. They’ll see their picture and just as they stare at the screen, a screaming ghoul will pop out to make them jump.

A secret button on the touch screen lets you decide when to pop up the ghost. You can also move the ghost around the screen in advance of the scare or pick a different ghoul.

Old Car Vs New Car Calculator ($1.00)

Is your car run down? Is it time to get a new one?

Depending on your financial circumstances, the answer may not be as easy as you think. There are many factors that make up the total cost of car ownership. This app will guide you through the decision process.

How much do you pay for gas? What are the terms of your car loan? With a calculator like this, you can keep track of everything and make a smart choice about keeping your old car a little longer, or making the jump to a new one.

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