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Catch Notes Android app a big help for your memory

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Because Catch Notes is such a dynamic note-taking app — allowing for text, photo and voice memos — it's the perfect kind of note pad to have around.

Whether you tend to make a lot of to-do and grocery lists, write ideas down on loose scraps of paper and the palm of your hand, or just have a lot to remember, Catch Notes keeps all of your thoughts in a single place. The app also uses Twitter-like hash tags so you can keep your notes organized by category, without putting them into a folder.

Users can log-in by creating a Catch Notes account, or you can sign-in via your existing Google account. Once you've logged-in, you can sync your notes with the Catch Notes website, and then tweak, edit, and delete these notes from the web, or share your thoughts with friends on your favorite social networking sites — just as you would from your Android phone.

If you have a short memory, ADHD or just tend to get overloaded and forget things from time to time, the app allows you to set as many reminders as you'd like. What's really great about this feature, though, is that you can add contextual notes to these reminders, explaining why you set the alarm.

While some of your notes might just be snapshots of a dinner recipe you spotted in a magazine or a voice recording reminding yourself to deposit a check at the bank, others might be a little more personal. One of Catch Notes' greatest features is "Passcode Lock," which requires anyone attempting to launch the app to enter a four-digit password.

Catch Notes has a tidy interface, which, in turn, helps you keep all of your own notes in order. I didn't have any issues with this app at all.

Catch Notes really helps make remembering little slices of life easier.

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