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Fresh Android Apps for Mar. 28: Shoe Collection Pro, WebKeyboard, I.O.Who?

by Ian Black

Simple apps rule in today’s fresh list. Just remember simple doesn’t mean stupid. Read on to find out how Shoe Collection Pro, Webkeyboard, and I.O. Who? keep it simple but smart.

Shoe Collection Pro ($0.99)

You may laugh at this one, but you shouldn’t. Years ago I took an in-depth course on developing a concept for a new magazine. After weeks of research and guidance from industry professionals I proposed a magazine about women’s shoes. You see – the market research is undeniable – women love shoes. I never launched the mag, but I did watch Zappos and several shoe magazines achieve success.

Shoe Collection Pro lets you catalog your own shoe collection and share it with your social network friends. Snap shoe photos, rate them, describe the make, model, and where you got them.

WebKeyboard (Free)

The app delivers a clever idea that I hope isn’t a scam.

Let’s face it. Phone keyboards are tiny – whether real or virtual. It’s much easier and faster to type on a PC-sized keyboard. WebKeyboard lets you use your PC’s keyboard to enter data on your phone. Once installed on your phone, press and hold on any text input field and select to use this app. Then, browse to a specific website listed in the app’s instructions with your PC. From there, anything you type on your computer’s keyboard appears on your phone.

I just hope the developer isn’t capturing everything users type for his own purposes.

I.O.Who? (Free)

Another simple but useful app.

Say you’re on a trip with several friends. People start buying groceries, gas, tickets, restaurant meals, and such. It’s hard to keep track of who has spent what. Enter I.O. Who?

This app let’s you quickly input a simple tab of who spent how much on what. Track the total trip expenses and who still owes money to the rest using the calculate feature. Add new items with a couple of taps.

It may not make the trip any more fun, but it should cut down on the bad feelings after the trip is over.

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