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Android app GroupMe helps bring your pals together

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Send out a lot of mass emails or repetitive texts? GroupMe is a group-texting and conference-calling app for your Android phone that could save you some typing.

GroupMe is a great tool if you have a number of people you need to stay in touch with. There are a ton of different possible scenarios where GroupMe would be really useful: If you're working on a group project with classmates, if you run some kind of Internet business and need to keep in touch with your employees or freelance employees who don't live nearby, or if you have a very close group of friends who get together often.

The app can keep everyone connected by sending a single text to everyone in the group at once. The app only requires a data plan to work, and you don't need a texting plan.

To get started, create an account. Then, make some groups. The app gives you a few suggested topics — family, college friends and roomies — but you can create as many different groups  as you'd like with whatever titles you think are appropriate. Then, you can start adding contacts to each group.

There's an option to make a group "joinable," which means other GroupMe users can request to join your group.

When you've established your different groups, you can group text or even start making conference calls. What's really neat is that each group gets a unique phone number, and any member of the group can call the number to start a group conference call.

This app is not only practical, it's also very easy to use and navigate. It's definitely worth checking out.

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