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The HTC Inspire 4G excels in speed and connectivity

by Brian Stephens

Having just purchased the HTC Inspire 4G from AT&T, I can tell you that speed and connectivity were the two aspects that the developers surely had in mind.

Social networking has greatly evolved to fit in the mobile format. The Inspire offers applications that allow your friends’ updates to be sent directly to your home screen. Friend Stream is a new app I uncovered  that allows users to select a social media site (i.e. Facebook, Twitter), and then aggregate posts from friends and people you follow directly to your mobile desktop. Here the HTC Inspire allows for seamless connectivity.

Of course, you cannot have instant connectivity without efficient speed.

The Inspire is on AT&T’s 4G network. Online browsing has never been faster than on this current system. But in a marketplace flooded with hundreds of thousands of applications, 4G functionality allows for faster updates and a better app experience.

For example, the quality of Google Maps is greatly improved. While I had Google Maps on my old phone (Samsung Eternity) the updating speed was rather slow and simply couldn’t keep up with my movement. The speed of 4G has solved this problem. Google Maps navigator follows your every move with precise accuracy and updates your movements in real time, with minimal lag. Apps such as AT&T Navigator and Google Maps are sure fits for the constant commuter.

A whole new game on the HTC Inspire

The quality of games that Android devices offer has also greatly improved with the hardware’s technical advancements. Online playability is a key example of such achievements. Simple online games such as: Connect Four Online, Words with Friends and Glow Hockey are some of Android’s games rely on social interfacing. Any delay of online communication has been erased with the 4G connection speed. I can go back and forth with someone for an hour straight playing Glow Hockey and the instant connectivity is there, not to mention the advanced color graphics.

Words with Friends, a game that basically plays like Scrabble as you and your opponent try to build words from a limited amount of letters to gain points, is transformed on this and other 4G devices. The unique aspect of this game is that there is no time limit. A single game can last for days and because you’re always connected with 4G speeds, you will receive an update from the app saying it’s your turn and you have as long as you need to make your move.

If your budget and plan permits, you should make your move now and buy and HTC Inspire or comparable 4G device.