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Fresh Android Apps for Mar. 23: Yap Voicemail, Chumby Lite, Find Chocolate!

by Ian Black

Turn your traditional voicemail into visual voicemail, make your phone into a Chumby and get your chocolate fix.

Yap Voicemail (Free)

Traditional voicemail can slow you down. I’m often at work, in a meeting, when I receive a call and a subsequent voicemail. If the person trying to reach me had sent a text or email or even a IM, I’d be able to know what they wanted and could respond without stopping my meeting. With voicemail, I have to wait until I’m free to listen and respond. Yap Voicemail to the rescue!

This helpful app delivers all your voicemail messages in transcribed text format. This allows you to read, search, and forward your voicemail. The creators claim it work for Android phones with plans from AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

Chumby Lite (Free)

Everything old is new again. Chumby failed as a standalone hardware appliance. It was meant to connect to your home Wi-Fi and display useful or fun info – like stock updates, weather, sports scores – streamed from the web. Neat idea but it didn’t take off.

Now, it’s free and ready to download to your Android. The Chumby app features over 1500 applets that you can select including social updates, photo albums, news feeds, and more.Chumby Lite requires the free Adobe Flash Player to work properly.

Find Chocolate! (Free)

Easter is almost here. Time to… Find Chocolate!

That’s right, I don’t care if this app is simple because it serves a noble purpose. The app uses your Android’s GPS to find chocolate shops nearby. Once you visit, rate the store and post your own photos of your latest chocolate moment right through the app.

New shops are added all the time, but if you find one not listed you can add it yourself.

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