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Fresh Android Apps for Mar. 21: Flash update, Camera Streak, I Watch

by Ian Black

Do your happy smartphone dance with Adobe Flash Player 10.2, make freaky photos with Camera Streak, and listen to Internet-only radio with I Watch

Flash Player 10.2 Update (Free)

Despite Steve Job’s direct attack, Adobe’s Flash remains a huge part of the web. Flash technology drives video, games, and other content.

This version 10.2 update to the Adobe Flash player focuses on improved performance. It’s been optimized to run on the dual-core processors sported by the latest Android phones. This means ultra smooth video and gameplay without hiccups or pauses. The Android Market entry describes this update as the final release for 2.x Android OS phones and a Beta release for 3.0+ tablets.

Download and enjoy your non-iPhone.

Camera Streak (Free)

Long exposure and multiple exposures on one frame were the “special effects” of film cameras. Digital cameras on phones added a tremendous amount to photography in terms of spontaneity and convenience, but they dropped these special effects altogether. Camera Streak brings them back.

Snap long exposure and multiple exposures over your Android’s camera using this trick photography app. Make your own ghost images to freak out your friends or hand your subject a flashlight and capture the streak of light as they move around while you shoot with a long exposure time.

I Watch (Free)

Sure you know terrestrial and satellite radio stations now stream over the web. But how much do you know about Internet-only radio?

I Watch uses Facebook as its homebase and it claims to be the only radio “broadcasting” over it. The company delivers over 200 hosts presenting a wide range of topics that include sports, finance, hobbies, pop culture, health, business and many more.

Check them out and join the 2.5 million people already listening.

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