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Fresh Android Apps for Mar. 7: Speedy, Broken Screen Touch!, Sarcasm-O-Meter

by Ian Black

Spring brings mischief. Try faking a cracked screen (Broken Screen Touch!) or rating the sarcasm in the room (Sarcasm-O-Meter). But if you want to get serious – and learn a little about speed and distance – download Speedy.

Speedy (Free)

Want to get more precise with speed and distance measurements? Just bring along an Android phone and this app.

Speedy tracks your maximum speed, the distance traveled on a trip, the distance between two set points, your current and maximum acceleration, and more. Want to switch between metric and other measurement systems? Just go into settings and change it up.

Who would use this? Runners, off-roaders, parents with teen drivers, and probably many others.

Broken Screen Touch! (Free)

We carry our phones everywhere, so we might as well use them for comedy as well as information. Here’s one for the prank category.

Run this app just before passing your phone to a friend. When they touch the screen, cracks will appear in it. The app cleverly overlays whatever they do so it will seem real. You can adjust the settings to start after a specific number of taps or show a maximum number of cracks. After your friend has freaked out, you can clear the screen by exiting the app running in the background.

Sarcasm-O-Meter (Free)

Sometimes the sarcasm gets so thick you can cut it with a knife. That’s when it would be handy to measure the levels with the Sarcasm-O-Meter.

Just point your phone at someone and press "Start." The app will randomly generate a sarcasm measurement (because scientists haven’t yet figured out how to measure it for real) between 1 and 100 percent. Go into preferences to turn on vibrate while the app is “measuring”, adjust the level of the computing sound effects, set the minimum and maximum results, or even change the title of the meter.

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