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Fresh Android Apps for Mar. 4: Thrutu, Google Maps update, Gym Tracker

by Ian Black

I’ve been seeing a trend lately – voice calling is back. It looked like texting and social services like Facebook and Twitter were about to make voice calls extinct but there are a few new apps, like yesterday’s Thrutu release, that want to make voice calls more useful and fun than ever before.

Today’s fresh apps also include an update to Google Maps and Gym Track, which lets you hit the gym with a plan for success.

Thrutu (Free)

While the mobile phone has evolved incredibly quickly in recent years, the phone calls we make on them hasn’t all the much. Sure, we have finally reached mobile video call capability with apps like Skype or FaceTime, but everything thing else has remained fairly static.

Thrutu aims to bring voice calls into the 21st century. While talking, you can snap and share photos with the person on the other end, send contact information from your phone to theirs, “prod” them by making their phone vibrate, and share both your locations on a map, all without leaving the Thrutu app.

Google Maps update (Free)

This latest version 5.2 update brings four new social location features, attempting to bring Google Maps’ Latitude service more on feature par with Facebook Places and Foursquare.

Now the Latitude service lets you post your personal restaurant reviews to Twitter with just a couple of taps. You can also send your friends a check-in request, inviting them to places you are currently visiting. If you’re looking for a place to check in, you can search from Latitude and bring up a list of places that support check-in around you. Finally, this update adds an “Explore Nearby” feature from the Places menu.

Gym Tracker ($1.99)

I’m here to pump you up. Do you ever lose track of the weights you set for different exercises at the gym? Good, because I thought I was the only one.

Gym Tracker lets you record a weight for each exercise you do. The list begins with a default set of exercises but you can edit it or add items through the settings menu. Once you’ve recorded some weights, and then increased them over time as you get in better shape, the app shows you the history of your weights per exercise and also graphs them for you.

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