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Dialer2 brings back voice calling on Android devices

by Ian Black

Yes, mobile phones still make calls. With all the activity around apps and multimedia, it's easy to forget that voice calling was the original reason we began carrying these devices. The Dialer2 app gets back to basics by revamping the voice caller feature of Android. If you make and take calls, you'll like how it works.

The app uses T9 prediction to shorten the time spent typing. It will match both phone numbers and names of your contacts as you type, and display the matches at the top of the screen. When you see the person you're trying to call, just one tap will start the call. You can have it prioritize your favorite contacts at the top of the list. The app can even synchronize with Facebook, if you like, to put photos next to your contacts.

For speed-dialing fans, Dialer2 works like a dream. Long press on a contact, and it will ask which number you'd like to assign for speed dialing. From there, you can tap and hold that number, and dialing with start automatically. If the contact has more than one number, you'll be asked to select one. If you really need to use some other form of communication — the long press on a contact lets you jump out to email, text messaging and other channels.

All in all, the app works well, and feels like it speeds up the seconds it takes to call someone. Dialer2 is a free download, so there's no risk in giving it a try.

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