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Fresh Android Apps for Feb. 22: Quit, iRun, Basketball Coach’s Clipboard

by Ian Black

We could all use a coach every once in a while. Two of the three fresh apps today deliver a little guidance and the third is designed for actual coaches to use.

Quit helps you to stop smoking, the i.Run – GPS Running Coach app tracks your jogging, and Basketball Coach’s Clipboard is meant to replace the dry erase board coaches use in games.

Quit (Free)

Already dropped the ball on your New Year’s resolutions? If you resolved to quit smoking but didn't here’s your chance to try again. The Quit widget tracks your smoking habits as well as your craving and stress levels.

Quit shows you graphs on your progress and will help you ramp down slowly based on smoking patterns of other quitters but tailored to you. Because it’s a widget, it’s easy for you to input each cigarette you smoke with only a couple of taps.

i.Run – GPS Running Coach (€0.99)

Dedicated runners take note! The i.Run app shows you everything you’ve ever dreamed to know about your jogging sessions including speed and pace per mile, average speed per mile, distance, altitude, calories burned and more.

View your real-time location on a map or have your whole trip report sent to you via email for detailed review later. The app creators recommend you strap your Android down on an armband before running off with this app.

Basketball Coach’s Clipboard (HK$7.50)

Ever watch a youth basketball game? The coaches often still use little paper or whiteboard-based clipboards to show players a new play or strategy. Isn't it time for an upgrade?

This app shows the court and players from both teams. The coach can draw lines with a finger to show plays or discuss the action. Settings allow you adjust for full court or half court views, plus there's the ability to save plays for later use.

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